Thriv is a tech talent agency that connects ambitious freelance developers with companies seeking speed and convenience. Our aim is to normalise entrepreneurship and to revolutionise matching. When we take care of the customer acquisition for the freelancers in our network, they can focus on what is the most important: delivering top-notch service and unleashing their full potential.

Freelance developers with passion and expertise
Enter the future

Being a freelance developer has never been this easy

An entire generation of skilled tech talents have started to work outside the traditional boundaries and leverage their expertise as freelancers. With our all-inclusive service, we aim to be the best career partner for every freelance developer out there.
  • Customised projects
  • Individual career coaching
  • Personal branding support
  • Developer community
  • Exclusive benefits
  • Community events
  • Numbers
    freelance developers in our curated talent community
    euros per hour is the average rate for our freelancers
    months is the average length for our freelance projects
    percent of our clients commit to the first talent we propose
    projects already thriving with our freelance developers
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