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We at Thriv aim to boost your career as a freelance developer. To ensure that you get the most out of it. Let us take care of your customer acquisition and find development projects that actually interest you, on your own terms. With us as your sales and marketing agent, you can focus on maximizing billable hours and unleashing your full potential. So look no further, you have found the career partner you have been searching for.

Ready to discover the future of work as a freelance developer?
Enter the future
Thriv as a freelance developer
Experience freedom
You decide when and where to work and on what kind of projects. Enjoy the freedom of customising your work life.
Make more money
You define how much to charge per hour and how to allocate the money of your company between salary, dividends and investments.
Get expertly matched
Our experts match you to projects based on your skillsets, interests and portfolio goals.
Develop professionally
Focus on areas that you feel passionate about and unleash your full potential. Your career, no compromises.
How it works
Our matchmaking process consists of five simple steps.
  • 1. Initial commitIt all starts with filling in the brief application form at the bottom of the page. Tell about yourself and what matters to you. You can already be an experienced freelance developer or someone considering a career as an entrepreneur.
  • 2. Peer programmingTime to get together and discuss your ambitions, interests and career goals in person. The discussion is a way for us to ensure that you have the skills needed to excel in the future projects.
  • 3. MergeJoin our thriving developer community with over 1000 other passionate freelance developers. Meanwhile, we actively explore development project opportunities and present you the ones that match your profile and personality.
  • 4. ReviewIf you become interested in a development project suggested by us, we will connect you with the client. As a freelance developer, you are your own boss. You decide what kind of projects you want to work with and what you charge for your labor.
  • 5. DeploySign a project contract and start working. You invoice us at the end of each month and we invoice the end client.
Personalisation is our top priority, always.

What makes us differ from other tech talent agencies is the humane approach that we cherish throughout our entire process. With us, you get treated as yourself rather than an unknown face behind a CV. We get to know your personality and passions to be able to suggest development projects that truly tap your interests. The same applies to the client companies we work with – we approach them with only the 1-3 most suitable candidates rather than numerous CVs. Simply put, we prefer quality over quantity.

What you get
All-inclusive service for freelance developers. All free of charge.
Customised project opportunities
At Thriv, we proactively approach you with project offers that match your skills and interests. Stop wasting time on scouting that dream development project yourself and let us do the job.
Individual career coaching
We support you through every step on your path as a freelance developer. Whether you need practical guidance or someone with whom to plan your future career path, we are here to help.
Personal branding support
Stand out from other freelance developers on the market by leveling up your personal brand as an entrepreneur. We provide support with branding your unique self, so that you land the projects you want.
Developer community
Our developer community on Slack is a place where you get to interact with like-minded freelancers. Network, ask for advice, and get inspired by others. The Slack community is also our primary channel for information sharing.
Community events
We organise fun and inspiring community events on a regular basis for the freelancers in our network. The events are a great way to get to know other community members as well as the team behind Thriv.
Exclusive benefits
Yes, we offer staff benefits to the freelance developers in our network. The Thriv Benefit Bank is a collection of exclusive benefits, designed to ease your work life and to bring joy to your free time.
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Reach out to talent@thriv.dev with any additional questions.

But don’t just take our word for it...
Anders Nylund freelance developer
The path from introducing myself to Thriv, having discussions with them, getting information about prospective projects, discussing the project details, all the way to starting my project has been seamless and effortless. With Thriv, I am able to focus fully on the essentials of my day-to-day development work.
Anders Nylund, Senior Software Engineer
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