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We at Thriv are here to match you with the best freelance developers out there. We bring a carefully vetted selection of senior software professionals to your fingertips, so that you can save both time and effort. Each freelance developer in our carefully curated network has been vetted by our CTO-level experts to ensure that they have the technical and social skills needed to excel in their engagements. With us, you can find the ideal profiles in a matter of days, from individuals to custom teams.

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Why hire freelance developers through Thriv?
dedicated workforce
Freelancers are only as good as their previous projects. This is what makes them ready to go the extra mile for your project to succeed.
Fast and convenient
Hiring freelance developers through us is a hassle free. Find top-tier tech talents in the matter of days with our simple matchmaking process.
knowledge retention
Work with the developers you want to, without having to stress about them being assigned to projects in other companies.
How it works
Our matchmaking process consists of five simple steps.
  • 1. Need identificationTell us about your challenge and the talent profiles you are looking for. A profound description of your needs helps us to find the most suitable freelance developer candidates.
  • 2. Talent scoutingContinue your day-to-day work while we scout the most suitable talents for your project. Our curated developer community consists of over 500 freelance developers with diverse skill sets.
  • 3. Talent proposalWe get back to you with relevant freelance developer candidates based on your project description in a matter of days.
  • 4. Talent interviewReview and interview the freelance developer candidates that grab your attention.
  • 5. Contract agreementSign contracts with the best freelancer developers and start proceeding with your project. We charge a transparent commission on top of the freelancer's rate, without any hidden costs.
We are not a CV bank, we are matchmakers.

What makes us differ from other tech talent agencies is our humane approach that we cherish throughout our entire process. We are not a CV bank, we are matchmakers. For client companies this means that we do not provide you with a pile of CVs to choose from. On the contrary, we propose only the 1-3 most suitable candidates, hand-picked by our experts based on every project’s unique needs. Stop wasting time on scouting skilled developers as we have already done the job for you.

Hiring freelance developers is transparent
  • The Architect
    Your contact if you are looking to migrate an existing service into a micro service architecture or to develop your application with scalability and availability in mind.
  • The Developer
    The greatest idea is nothing without a great User Interface and User Experience. A Developer is what you need to take your concept into reality.
    #Tailwind CSS
  • The Application Developer
    An outstanding mobile application no longer is a 'nice to have' thing, but a crucial touch point for users.
  • The Engineer
    REST or GraphQL, SQL or NoSQL, Docker or K8S... The modern internet relies on APIs, security and scalability.
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talent rate + our commission = what you pay
No hidden fees. Ever.
Benefits of Thriv
We provide a wide range of freelance developers with diverse skill sets.
We find a freelance developer for your project in the matter of days.
We approach you with the best talent candidates only.
We charge only our transparent commission and nothing else.
We sign clear agreements before launching cooperation.
We are ambassadors of the rising freelance economy.
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The entire matchmaking process with Thriv was smooth and seamless. We at Sulake aim to be agile in everything we do, and agility is an aspect that we look for in the partners we work with as well.
Pasi Hämäläinen, Head of Technology at Sulake
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