Accountor hired a full freelancer team to build a mobile FMS software

Procountor, Accountor's cutting-edge electronic financial management software (FMS), stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation. It has reached a market leader position in Finland by becoming the most widely used FMS in the country. Accountor wanted to further develop the Procountor software by introducing a customer-centric mobile app. To bring this vision to life, the company engaged a team of skilled freelance tech talents through Thriv.

Having established a robust foundation for easy electronic financial management through the Procountor software, Accountor decided to build a mobile app to support the existing product.

“Accountor has been a pioneer in the realm of electronic financial management, the development of Procountor started already two decades ago”, explains Olli Kivelä, Director of Product at Accountor, and continues: "We wanted to build a modern mobile app for Procountor to elevate the customer experience to new heights.”

Full freelancer team for the win

“There were a couple of traditional consulting houses and Thriv considered in the tendering process. Thriv distinguished itself through thoroughness and courage to present a realistic, yet higher-cost, proposal that comprehensively addressed all project requirements. It was effortless to get on the same wavelength with the sales agents and engage in meaningful discussions about critical project aspects”, says Kivelä.

As a people-person, Kivelä was drawn to the human-centric approach of Thriv. The sales team outlined the specific talents that would be involved in the project and specified who they would be. “It would have been harder to place trust in a company merely selling resources, in contrast to Thriv, which curated a team of handpicked senior-level talents'', says Kivelä.

Eye-opening experience with freelancers

Accountor ended up hiring a dynamic team of seven talented individuals from Thriv for their app development project. Reflecting on this decision, Kivelä has been satisfied with choosing a full-freelancer team: “The team performed very well, even within the constraints of a tight project schedule. The consultants were clearly accustomed to various situations and knew how to collaborate effectively with people."

Successfully hiring freelancers through Thriv was an eye-opening experience for Kivelä. Previously, he held the belief that buying external help from traditional consulting firms was the easiest approach. It was challenging for him to believe that individuals, not affiliated with the same company and unfamiliar with one another, could collaborate effectively to achieve the desired outcomes.

“In retrospect, my initial concern was proven to be unfounded. Hiring freelancers proved to be a better decision than I expected: each of these professionals represents their own brand, fostering commitment, ownership, and willingness to perform well", Kivelä analyses.

New ways of working

Accountor plans to continue leveraging freelancers for future projects, citing the success of their collaboration with Thriv. Given Accountor's history and past practices, the decision to assemble a full freelancer team was undeniably a bold and innovative move for the company.

“Looking back, I'm really pleased that we made the choice of assembling a freelance team instead of opting for a traditional consulting firm”, says Kivelä. He not only applauds the success of this approach but also encourages other companies to embrace new approaches and discover innovative ways of working. Changing the way things have always been done is key to development.

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Accountor in a nutshell

Accountor, a leading Nordic financial and HR services company, operates at the intersection of innovation and expertise. With a strong presence in Finland and other Nordic countries, Accountor offers a comprehensive suite of financial, payroll, and HR services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Accountor empowers organisations to streamline their financial processes, enhance efficiency, and navigate the complexities of modern business.

Linnea Erkamo - Head of Marketing

Linnea Erkamo

Head of Marketing