Resilience of tech freelancers in the changing economy

In this article, we analyse the resilience of tech freelancers in the current economic environment, characterised by constant fluctuations and tighter conditions. Is hiring tech freelancers just a passing trend or already a more established phenomenon?

In recent times, the global economy has experienced significant fluctuations, with higher inflation rates prompting central banks to react by increasing interest rates. Consequently, businesses have faced tighter financing conditions, leading them to reconsider their investments and spending strategies. As a response to these changes in macroeconomics, companies have been striving to cut costs and restructure their organisations to remain resilient.

In the current dynamic market, the tech freelancer market has emerged as a key area of interest. Despite the challenges posed by the evolving economy, empirical evidence indicates that the tech freelancer market remains resilient. The need for digitisation and growth of technical capabilities has remained constant, presenting new opportunities for tech freelancers, particularly in senior-level roles.

Digital transformation as a pushing force

As the market faces uncertainty, an increase in mergers and acquisitions has led to a surge in integration projects, where the expertise of senior-level tech talents is highly valued. According to a recent analysis by Boston Consulting Group, approximately 96% of companies plan to either increase or maintain their investments in digital transformation in 2023.

Digital transformation has emerged as the front-line strategy to cut future costs by businesses that strive to navigate the changing economic landscape. By adopting innovative technologies and optimising work processes, companies can enhance productivity and reduce expenses. The keen strive for digital transformation has made the need for high-level tech professionals more significant than ever.

The analysis by Boston Consulting Group also indicates that recruiting top talents is one of the biggest digital transformation challenges that companies face. As the demand for skilled tech professionals continues to increase, businesses keep looking for suitable solutions for augmenting their teams in addition to traditional recruitment.

Hiring freelancers is a rising trend

We at Thriv attest that the number of companies interested in freelancers has remained steady, as seen in the index table. However, a noticeable trend is the growing price-sensitivity among businesses when selecting tech freelancers. This trend highlights the need for freelancers to demonstrate their value proposition effectively toward clients.

Index of Thriv cases Q2

Our observations underscore the resilience of the tech freelancer market even in the changing economic conditions. The demand for tech freelancers has remained steady and robust. As businesses navigate uncertainties, freelancers stand out as agile and adaptable professionals who can offer specialised skills in an adjustable manner. This flexible and cost-effective approach to finding the right professionals has helped businesses to maintain continuity and adapt swiftly to the changing market.

Steady demand for highly skilled tech freelancers

The tech freelancer market stands strong in the face of the fluctuating economy. Employing tech freelancers has proved to be a suitable solution, even for companies that aim to cut costs and restructure their operations. The persistent need for digitisation and technical expertise ensures a steady demand for highly skilled tech freelancers, now and in the future.

As businesses continue to invest in digital transformation, freelancers have a unique opportunity to demonstrate their value in helping companies in their pursuit of enhanced productivity and long-term sustainability. With their adaptability and specialised skills, tech freelancers are well-positioned to thrive in the dynamic landscape of the digital transformation era.

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Joel Liukkonen - Account Manager

Joel Liukkonen

Key Account Manager