How are tech freelancers treated at Thriv?

In the bustling realm of tech freelancing, flux in the global economy has shifted what was a before uniquely talent-driven market to one of a more traditional and balanced model. “The talent war is over” is something we continue to hear in our industry. When talents no longer have the upper hand in the job market, does it affect their treatment by talent agencies?

There have been clear signs of the end of the talent war among tech talent agencies in Finland: agencies continue to downsize their talent teams, while aggressively pouring resources into pursuing clients. In the midst of this shift, we at Thriv continue to emphasise the importance of both talents and clients. While making sure that our clients get the best possible matchmaking service, we continue to invest in providing the best experience for our freelance talent network. Ultimately, we believe that great talents are what drive the entire industry.

So what do we keep in mind when cooperating with tech talents in our network? Our following core values guide our words and actions in all talent interactions.

1. People-centric approach: talent first mentality

Thriv's commitment to being people-centric isn't just a tagline: it's a way of life for the Talent Team. In a sea of conventional talent agencies, Thriv's Talent Team stands out with the personal touch we bring to our processes. More than just staffers, we care about our relationship with our talents. From the initial outreach to the vetting process and project placements, the team ensures that every interaction is infused with genuine care. This people-centric approach goes beyond mere transactions: it's about understanding the aspirations, concerns, and goals of freelancers.

2. Innovation: boldly trying and experimenting

As part of Thriv’s innovative spirit, the small but mighty Talent Team is consistently encouraged to experiment with different processes and techniques to ensure efficiency and quality in their work. Whether it’s about checking talent availability, interviewing talents, or updating talent information, our Talent Team constantly aims to improve our ways of working. We try as much as we can to leverage a blend of technology and human personalisation to ensure that the talents in our network find the best opportunities available in the market.

3. Transparency and trust: Building bridges of open communication

Transparency and trust are the bedrock of any successful relationship. The Talent Team at Thriv understands this implicitly. Every step, from onboarding to the network to project matching, is underlined by clear communication. We keep our freelancers in the loop, demystifying processes, timelines and rates. This transparency not only builds trust but fosters an environment where our freelancers feel supported, valued, and secure in their partnership with Thriv.

4. Diversity and inclusion: embracing all the talents

In an increasingly globalised Finland, diversity isn't just a buzzword: it's a necessity. OurTalent Team does not limit our network to native Finnish speaking talents. We even look beyond our national borders – as long as talents have the permits to work in the EU, we are happy to consider them for our network. Together with our Sales Team, we work with clients to internationalise their technical teams, opening up opportunities for both talents and customers.

Thriving together: a Call to action

As we celebrate our Talent Team's embodiment of Thriv's core values, it's an invitation for freelancers, clients, and fellow agencies to embrace these values collectively. The people-centric ethos, innovative spirit, commitment to transparency and trust, and dedication to diversity and inclusion aren't just ideals at Thriv: they are the guiding stars that lead the way to success.

So, whether you're a freelancer seeking exciting opportunities, a client in search of top-tier talent, or a fellow agency inspired by excellence, step into the world of Thriv. The Thriv Talent Team isn't just staffing: they are curating a community of thriving individuals, fostering a culture where innovation, transparency, trust, and diversity flourish. Together, let's thrive!

Apply to our tech talent network today and experience freelancing at its best.

Michelle Goh - Head of Talent

Michelle Goh

Head of Talent