How freelance tech talents can increase innovativeness in the changing world of business?

The world of business keeps on changing, and so do practices related to finding the best talents to your organisation. Freelancing has become the new normal among tech professionals, which has resulted in the rise of tech talent agencies connecting freelancers to companies. But how can freelancers boost the innovativeness of your organisation?

As the business field rearranges itself and things are changing in the global scene, let's talk about change and what it entitles. Some might fear it, others embrace and welcome it, while others remain unsure about how to react. Any way you slice it, change will always come. We all must eventually follow along, either screaming and kicking or gently welcoming. In the end, accepting the inevitable changes around us and turning them into opportunities is key to future success.

Change is not, of course, a new concept at all. It has been around since the dawn of time. Otherwise, we'd still be drawing stick figures on cave walls, instead of happily tapping away and scrolling on our phones. And that's all there is to it: we either find innovative solutions or stay behind. The same rules apply in the context of business where we can decide whether to ride the wave of change or stay under it.

Freelancing is the new normal in tech

Businesses no longer operate as they did in the previous decades. One of the most concrete pushes speeding up the transformation of working life was the Covid-19 pandemic. Employees and employers quickly needed to adapt in the new reality of doing business flexibly, while remaining relevant in the business arena by thinking outside the box.

When it comes to employees, the pandemic started a boom in remote working and forced employees to develop skills in self-management and independent working. Soon, many people came to understand that the new way of working actually closely resembled the everyday life of a self-employed person and started to like the new flexible work life. This phenomenon could also be sensed among software professionals where many experienced tech talents left big consulting firms to pursue a career as their own boss.

As more and more tech experts have switched to entrepreneurship, companies have needed to adapt new ways of finding top talents for their tech operations. Alongside traditional recruitment and cooperation with consulting companies, many firms have started to trust in tech talent agencies connecting freelancers to clients. One of the best things about freelance developers is the fact that they can bring so much more to your organisation than just a pair of coding hands. In addition to executing their day-to-day programming tasks, freelance developers can significantly boost the innovativeness of your organisation, as we’ll see in the following chapters.

Innovative power of freelance tech talents

Freelancers need to be able to think on their feet and come up with innovative solutions to diverse problems. In general, this is much easier for a freelancer than it is for a traditional employee in a single role, as freelancers have the ability to test and evaluate their skill set and adjust it accordingly. As freelancers work with limited time projects, they have built solid and varied experience much faster than employees who choose a more traditional working position.

What sets freelancers apart as a source of new ideas for your business, is exactly the fact that they have developed the flexibility skills to not only adapt to new challenges and circumstances, but to use them to their advantage. They are people who learn fast, get excited about new challenges, and think outside the box. Having joined multiple teams and projects they know how to get things done but also question and challenge established practices by approaching them in a completely different manner.

Think of freelancers as those story-telling wanderers that come to a sleepy village, and bring it alive with tales of their travels and adventures from all sorts of places. Wouldn't you love to hear all their stories, experiences, and learnings yourself?

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Katerina Tsalidi - Talent Specialist

Katerina Tsalidi

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