How hiring a full freelancer team can take your business to the next level

Could you imagine building your development team of freelance developers only? If your initial thought is a “no”, you should keep on reading. In this blog post, we tell about our successful experience in building a full freelancer team to a bold, but initially hesitant, client who aims to create an application for the next generation.

Building a modern, well-functioning and user-friendly application is a demanding task that requires seamless cooperation from everybody involved in the development project. When looking for a partner to support in the application development process, our client was first hesitant about hiring a full freelancer team. Their concerns were mainly related to three key points: multi-vendor team structure, leadership in the project, and working with freelance consultants in general. Next, let’s discuss the three concerns one by one and clarify how we managed to tackle these initial hesitations.

Concerns about multi-vendor team structure

One of the primary concerns of the client was working with a multi-vendor team of freelance developers where the team members have several different backgrounds. The client believed that it could cause issues that the team members didn’t know each other from before and thus, it could take longer to find suitable ways of cooperation than with an already established team of developers.

Yet, senior level freelance developers are familiar with constant change and have several years of experience in working in different teams and environments. One of the core benefits of freelance developers is their flexible adaptability. These professionals understand that the success of the project is paramount, and they are highly motivated to ensure the project is delivered to the highest quality. This means that they do not only care about their own performance but also about the performance of their team members.

Our client soon discovered that freelance developers are often even more committed to team work and put in more effort than traditional consultants. The client also learned why freelance developers are also known for their dedication and passion for their work. As these professionals represent their own brand, they always give their best to ensure the success of a project. They bring fresh ideas, unique skills, and an entrepreneurial spirit that can help your project stand out in a highly competitive market.

Worries about project leadership

Another concern of the client was the lack of a clear project leader among the team of freelance developers. The client was worried if the project would be lacking a clear direction without a leader taking charge of the big picture. We addressed this concern by suggesting that an experienced senior level freelancer would fill in the Tech Lead position in the application development project. As we knew that all of our suggested team members were self-initiative professionals with great collaboration skills, we didn't suggest that the client would hire a Project Manager in addition to the Tech Lead.

As the client got to know the team members in more detail, it agreed on the fact all the candidates were highly proactive professionals with great leadership qualities and an ability to take ownership of their work. Hence, no additional Project Manager was hired, which was also an efficient way for the client to keep the costs of the project significantly lower. Our internal team at Thriv was able to provide the project leadership when necessary, ensuring smooth start and progress for the project.

Doubts about freelance developers

The final concern of the client was related to their doubts about working with freelance consultants in general. At first, the client considered that hiring a team from a traditional consulting house would be the best solution. It felt like a safe bet because the client had previous experience of similar cooperation: it was they way things had always been done.

The client considered freelancers to be independent professionals rather than team players. Our team was able to provide clear visibility into the freelancer market and the future of work movement, which helped to allay their doubts. The level of transparency was extremely high throughout the process and it allowed the client to gain the necessary trust and understanding.

As the proposal process proceeded, the client came to realise that hiring a team of experienced freelance developers was simply the best solution. The client could carefully customise the development team from Thriv’s extensive pool of professionals instead of just settling for a team suggested by a traditional consulting house. This way the client could guarantee that each team member was the best available candidate in the market.

When the client finally met the entire hand-picked team of freelancers, it was clear that these professionals could build something great together. The client was confident that with a full freelancer team, it would be possible to reach the best possible result and achieve more than they had dared to dream of.

Taking the leap of faith and hiring a full freelancer team for the first time is a bold move for any business. But with the right team of hand-picked professionals, this solution will pay off in spades. We’ll help you with hiring your dream team, just reach out to us and let’s talk!

Joel Liukkonen - Account Manager

Joel Liukkonen

Key Account Manager