Meet the talent team of Thriv

Meet Michelle and Katerina, the dynamic duo of the Thriv Talent Team, hailing from sunny islands of Singapore and Rhodes. Their journey has somehow led them to the snowy tech wonderland called Finland.

As the names suggest, the Thriv Talent Team is the driving force behind all talent-related endeavors at Thriv. Building and nurturing relationships with our talent network is the key to ensuring successful outcomes for our clients and freelancers alike. Next, let’s take a look at the key aspects that guide the day-to-day work of our stellar Talent Team.

Handpicking top talents

At Thriv, quality reigns over quantity. Our clients specifically turn to us for experienced senior professionals who can elevate their teams to new heights. To achieve this, the talent team invests time in meeting every single talent joining our network. This not only acquaints them with Thriv but also ensures a seamless partnership, supporting freelancers and matching them with the most suitable projects.

Curating unique matches

Thriv Talent Team is far from being a conventional CV bank. We believe that successful project outcomes stem from the perfect fit between talent and project. To make this happen, we take into account the skills, experiences, and preferences of our freelancers, meticulously curating matches that result in exceptional project performance.

Offering unwavering support

Our commitment to freelancers extends beyond project placements. Regular communication lines remain open, and our support is unwavering. Should any hurdles arise, we're ready with solutions to keep the journey smooth and hassle-free. We are here for our talents, whenever they need us.

Creating a feeling of community

Even the most talented professionals need a break from their endeavors. The Thriv Talent Team partners with our Head of Marketing to ensure that we're not all work and no play. Through annual summer and Christmas parties, we foster a sense of community and celebration among our talented freelancers. Because they deserve it!

Embracing real connections

In the digital age, webcams connect us, but nothing compares to face-to-face interactions. Thriv Talent Team extends an open invitation to all our freelancers to visit us in Helsinki and Tampere. Whether it's lunch, coffee, or an after-work beer, let's build real connections and foster meaningful relationships.

The Thriv Talent Team is not just about recruiting and placing freelancers: it's about unlocking their full potential. Michelle and Katerina are the embodiment of dedication and passion, steering our Talent Team towards creating a thriving freelance ecosystem. So, whether you're a talented freelancer or a visionary client, join us on this journey of unlocking freelance potential!

Reach out to us and get ready to discover the future of work.

Michelle Goh - Head of Talent

Michelle Goh

Head of Talent