Tech freelancers and agencies – Why should you get yourself one!

Hey tech freelancer, get rid of the unnecessary hassle related to entrepreneurship and experience freelancing at its best by getting yourself an agency. In this article, we have listed the most important reasons for any tech talent to work with a trusted agency by their side.

Freelancing. You have thought of it for long and dreamed of all the freedom and possibilities it can offer you. We at Thriv know this appeal more than well. That’s why we strongly manifest the future of work movement, driven by people's need for flexibility, purpose, and self-expression in their day-to-day work lives.

However, we also acknowledge that freelancing in the world of tech can seem a tad intimidating and perhaps might make you feel a bit lost, especially in the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. You might feel stuck at times, wondering where to start, how to get your next client, how to brand yourself better, and how to handle difficult negotiations. Thankfully there is an easy fix to all this: get yourself an agency and experience freelancing at its best.

Reasons to get yourself an agency

Here are our top reasons why every tech freelancer should get an agency by their side. Which ones do you agree with?

1. Finding clients: Agencies can provide tech freelancers with a steady stream of clients. Agencies often have an extensive network of clients that they can connect freelancers with, which can save freelancers time and effort in finding their own clients. Now, let's take it one step further: the matchmakers of Thriv pride themselves in finding the best fit for both freelancers and clients, so that both parties can rest assured that they will get the best possible service.

2. Branding and marketing: Need help with branding and marketing yourself in the most effective way? An agency is there to help its freelancers to establish a strong online presence as well as advertise and showcase their skills and expertise. Our marketing department is working tirelessly on creative ways to promote and highlight our talents' superpowers. From client newsletters to weekly talent highlights, our freelancers are receiving all the visibility we can offer both online and offline.

3. Administrative support: Administrative support can be a big hustle for tech freelancers, but it doesn’t have to be with an agency’s help. Agencies can handle administrative tasks, such as price negotiations, invoicing, and contract negotiations, which can save the valuable time and effort of freelancers. More often than not, agencies can act as a bridge between tech talents and clients, building and maintaining a good relationship between the two parties, so that freelancers can focus on what is really important: working tech magic in their projects.

4. Professional development: A true professional never tires of learning, growing, and honing their craft. An agency can help them in that too by offering interview training, support in building the perfect CV, mentorship, and networking opportunities that can help freelancers improve their skills and expand their knowledge. Our popular Thriv Talks webinar series, with topics like "The art of selling yourself", "How to nourish your mind as a knowledge worker" and "How to optimize your economy as an entrepreneur", along with the support and advice from our expert talent team can help you build your confidence, communication skills, and take your freelance career to new levels.

5. Credibility and trust: Working with an agency can provide tech freelancers with a level of credibility and trust. Clients may be more likely to hire a freelancer who is associated with a reputable agency, as it can provide a level of assurance that the vetted freelancer is reliable and skilled. Thriv's talent pool consists of skilled senior-level freelancers, which in turn ensures that our clients will have access to the best tech talent in the market. Through a careful selection process, we evaluate and document our talent's skills, tech stack, background, preferences, and wishes, while maintaining a close relationship and communication with them. This process allows us to match the talents with the right client projects in an accurate and efficient manner.

6. Community and benefits: Freelance work can sometimes feel a bit isolating and lonely, but an agency like Thriv is able to provide you with a sense of community with other tech freelancers. By organising yearly parties, events, and meetups, our freelancers can meet one another, socialise and build networks. Last but not least, agencies can offer access to some cool benefits to their freelancers too. For example, by simply joining our growing network, our talents get access to the Thriv Benefit Bank, offering a collection of sweet deals and exclusive offers from several quality partners.

It’s your time to thriv

As a tech freelancer, it can be challenging to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the tech industry. Finding clients, branding yourself effectively, and improving your skills can all be daunting tasks. That's why working with a tech talent agency can be a great option for tech freelancers who want to focus on their passion solely.

Agencies can provide administrative support, help you market yourself, connect you with clients, and even offer professional development opportunities. At Thriv, we pride ourselves in providing a community of seasoned senior-level tech freelancers and making the life of our community members just a bit easier. By joining our developer community, you can benefit from the support and expertise of our team and take your career to the next step.

We are continuously growing our network, so don't hesitate to send your application already today! We'd love to hear from you.

Katerina Tsalidi - Talent Specialist

Katerina Tsalidi

Talent Agent