Thriv Benefit Bank – Exclusive benefits for the freelancers in our network

At Thriv, we aim to make your career as a freelance tech talent as smooth and easy as it can get. As a part of this mission, we offer our talents a collection of exclusive benefits that will both ease your work life and bring joy to your free time.

Whether you needed a sweet deal for an accountant, a relaxing neck massage or some quality coffee to be enjoyed during a day of coding, our Benefit Bank has got you covered. Want to hear more and get access to the discounts? Join our talent network and experience what freelancing is at its best!

Our Benefit Bank partners

  • Lemon Tree
  • Heltti
  • Keops
  • Kämp Collection Hotels
  • Esport
  • Rela-Hierojat
  • Village Works
  • Freska
  • OP Pohjola Vakuutus
  • Crazy Town
  • Kaffa Roastery
  • ROST Coffee Roasters

Want to join our Benefit Bank as a partner and reach hundreds of new customers? Reach out to us and let's talk!

Linnea Erkamo - Head of Marketing

Linnea Erkamo

Head of Marketing