Thriv helped Kiho with hiring a dedicated freelance iOS developer

Dedication. This leading value of Kiho explains the secret behind the company’s success. Kiho is dedicated to its employees and the employees are dedicated to Kiho, which shows both in the quality of their work and the innovativeness of their products. Dedication was also a key criterion for Kiho when looking for an iOS developer that could take the company’s application development to the next level.

“Let’s face it, I did have some prejudices against freelancer developers before we started to work with Thriv”, admits Jesse Jaakola, Mobile Development Team Lead at Kiho. Previously, Kiho had been cooperating with an affordable foreign tech talent agency that did not quite deliver what the company expected. “The work was fragmented and executed by several different freelancer developers, which led to lack of focus and communication gaps”, Jaakola summarises. “This experience taught us that when it comes to freelancers, choosing the right tech talent agency is key.”

The cooperation between Kiho and Thriv started in autumn 2021 when iOS developer Samu Mukkala from Thriv’s trusted partner company Punos Mobile joined the team. “Samu has managed to break all the prejudices I had against freelancers from before”, smiles Jaakola. As Mukkala’s supervisor, Jaakola has witnessed the performance of the talent first hand: “From the very beginning, Samu has brought real value to our application development team. He adapted easily our agile way of working and got quickly into the project.”

Most importantly, the iOS developer Samu Mukkala demonstrated a high degree of dedication. He was often ready to go the extra mile. “Samu listened to the assignments and did not only meet the expectations but often exceeded them. If he did not know something, he thoroughly investigated the matter before asking for help from others. He really was a true professional”, Jaakola explains.

iOS development and external expertise

The ambitious and talented iOS developer also brought a fresh external perspective to Kiho. “Getting ideas and hearing opinions from an external industry expert was extremely beneficial. We at Kiho are still developing our iOS best practices and Samu’s help has been crucial in this mission. For example, the expertise of Samu in SwiftUI has enabled us to significantly improve our iOS user interfaces”, says Jaakola. “Samu has always been willing to guide us and share his best tips.”

Talking about tips, what would be an advice that Jaakola would share to companies interested in hiring freelance developers? “It is important to keep in mind that the success of the cooperation depends a lot on the hiring party as well. When hiring freelance developers or freelance designers, the project description should be clear and the goals should be defined. No one knows how to read minds, not even freelancers.”

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Kiho in a nutshell

Kiho produces an innovative fleet and fieldwork management platform that is widely used by companies operating within for example logging, construction and transportation. With the help of Kiho’s platform, business owners are able to simplify processes, optimize their fleet and workforce, and consequently, maximize their business growth potential. The smart management platform of Kiho has a meaningful purpose: to build paths towards a more sustainable world.

Linnea Erkamo - Head of Marketing

Linnea Erkamo

Head of Marketing