Thriv talent spotlight: Joakim Granbohm

In this blog post series, you will get to know the stories behind our talents. Why did they become entrepreneurs, how have their experiences with Thriv been, and where do they want to be in the future? Without further ado, let’s get familiar with Joakim Granbohm, a fullstack developer with over four years of experience in cooperating with Thriv.

How did you become interested in entrepreneurship?

At one point in my career, there came a moment when I felt the itch to try something entirely new, and that's where my journey to entrepreneurship originally began. The driving force behind becoming an entrepreneur was the allure of freedom that comes with freelancing, a freedom that's often elusive in more traditional job roles.

In the long run, my dream is to create my very own Software as a Service platform. As an entrepreneur, I have the freedom, flexibility, and financial means to embark on such a journey when the timing feels right. When the right moment arrives, I can take time in between projects and pursue my biggest professional dream.

How did your path cross with Thriv?

Many developers I know, myself included, aren't exactly thrilled about selling their own services. It's just not our thing. I'm a pretty social person, but pushing my services has never been my strong suit. I wanted to find a career partner that would help me sell and market my services, so that I could focus on my passion: the actual coding work.

I have been cooperating with Thriv since my very first days as an entrepreneur. And honestly, I never thought that working as an entrepreneur could be as straightforward as this. The service fee that Thriv charges on top of my hourly rate is the price I pay for outsourcing the parts of my business I would rather not deal with.

How would you describe the service you have received from Thriv?

Working with Thriv is, in a nutshell, a delightful and straightforward experience. It's the kind of partnership that brings ease into the equation, making my professional journey much more enjoyable.

One of the greatest qualities of collaborating with Thriv is the peace of mind it provides. If I come across concerns or face challenges concerning my projects, I have confidence in knowing that there's a reliable team by my side.They're the ones who ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes, allowing me to focus on what I do best.

Thriv has a unique balance between professionalism and approachability. There's no unnecessary bureaucracy, and it's not overly casual either; it's just the right mix of professionalism and ease. There's a clear sense of trust in what we do together. Whenever I find myself with worries or questions, I know I'll get a prompt response and that I don't have to lose sleep over whether things will get done at Thriv’s end.

How well has Thriv listened to your wishes and needs?

I've felt that my input and desires have been genuinely heard and taken into account whenever I’ve been looking for a new project. The level of attentiveness to my requests has been consistently high, and Thriv has demonstrated a commitment to listening, understanding, and respecting my preferences.

I have never felt that there would have been any pressure or coercion to take on a particular project. It's always been entirely my own decision. I’ve been presented with options, and the choice has ultimately been mine: do I wait for that perfect dream assignment, or do I opt for a more secure project right away? Even in situations where it might marginally go against Thriv's interests – like when I consider skipping a project to wait for the next one – I still receive an honest response.

How would you describe the value of Thriv’s developer community?

Thriv really does bring more to the table than just practical project solutions. Entrepreneurship can sometimes be a lonely road, and belonging to a community has given me a feeling of togetherness. Being a part of the Thriv community is like getting the best of both worlds – the freedom of running your own show and the feeling of being part of a larger crew.

When I first started as an entrepreneur, I didn’t care too much about the extra benefits of my new career partner. However, after many years of grinding alone, I have surely come to appreciate these benefits a lot more. They have brought me new connections, many great memories, and a bunch of joy.

How have your earnings developed throughout the years working with Thriv?

I've seen a gradual increase in my income over the years with Thriv. My hourly rate has always been on a level that I’m satisfied with and that has felt fair. Trust and honesty have been key also when it comes to price negotiations: the discussion about my rate has been open and easy, and my preferences have been taken into account.

Thriv has been a great sparring partner in price negotiations, standing by my side and offering insights about the current market rates. Receiving expert guidance from someone who has a deeper understanding of the field has been valuable: it has helped me to negotiate the best possible rate for myself and to avoid over or underpricing my services. The Thriv Times newsletter with its quarterly Insights section has also been a valuable source of information when it comes to defining my hourly price.

What do you aspire to achieve professionally within the near future?

I dream of taking that moment for myself and chasing after my own dreams. In other words, I’d like to leverage the core reason why I started as an entrepreneur in the first place – to experience freedom and to pursue something that is truly my own. Now that I’ve been growing the financial buffer of my company for a while, it would be great to use it for the purpose it was originally intended: building my own Software as a Service platform.

What would you tell someone dreaming about entrepreneurship?

Just give it a try and see where it takes you. Personally, I have never regretted the moment I decided to become an entrepreneur. The sense of ownership has always been paramount in my work. As an entrepreneur, I get to take full ownership of my work, which is something that brings me more pride and motivation than anything else.

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Linnea Erkamo - Head of Marketing

Linnea Erkamo

Head of Marketing