Top 3 reasons to become a freelance developer

Freelancing is becoming an increasingly popular career choice for many developers: there is a steady trend from employment to entrepreneurship within the software industry. According to a study conducted by Stack Overflow, the percentage of self-employed professional developers increased from 9.5% in 2020 to 11.2% in 2021. But what is it that makes freelancing such an attractive alternative to traditional employment? Let’s take a look into the three most common reasons that make an increasing number of developers want to become freelancers.

1. Being a freelance developer is flexible

Flexible work arrangements are one clear benefit of freelancing. You as a freelance developer define when to work and when to take some time off. For many, the possibility to enjoy calm periods between development projects feels soothing. On the other hand, some might like being busy with work for a longer period of time and then go on a well-deserved vacation for some months.

The great thing is that as a freelance developer you are your own boss and you define your best way of working. In addition, more and more client companies are allowing freelance developers to work fully remote. So why not set up the office at your cottage in the countryside or at your favourite holiday destination? As long as the communication with the client company remains smooth and speedy, feel free to customise your schedule and work environment.

2. Freelance developers can focus on self-development

As a freelance developer, you are able to pick your own clients and projects. The freedom of choice not only allows you to work with companies you personally believe in, but also to choose engagements that tap into your interests and passions. This will definitely make your work as a developer feel more meaningful.

Choosing your own projects is also a great way to develop yourself professionally. Maybe you would like to hone your skills within a certain technology or try on bigger boots as a project lead? As a freelance developer, you are free to challenge yourself, as long as you feel that you are able to deliver quality results to the client. Additionally, you can take time in between projects to learn new skills or to become certified in your areas of expertise.

3. Freelance developers are paid well

The ability to define your own hourly rates is an attractive benefit of being a freelance developer. At Thriv, the average rate for freelance developers is around 86 euros per hour. Of course, from your hourly rate, you need to reduce all the obligatory costs it requires to run a business. In a traditional employment relationship, your employer would naturally be in charge of these. In addition, the employer would finance office rent, company events, ball pits etc. before paying your salary. These costs add up easily, usually resulting in a heavy cost structure for the employing company.

As the owner of your freelance development business, you decide yourself how heavy or lean the cost structure of your company is. In other words, you are the one choosing what to do with the profits of your company. In addition to paying salary to yourself, you may want to focus on your company’s investments or funding your personal development projects, for instance. Hence, freelancing is often a great alternative for those who wish to optimise their economies and future wealth.

Once you’ve found the motivation to start freelancing, you only need to find the courage to become one. But don’t worry, we at Thriv are here to help and support you in every step throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Get in touch with us and let’s discuss the next steps, this is where the adventure begins.

Linnea Erkamo - Head of Marketing

Linnea Erkamo

Head of Marketing