Who is a Developer?

Oftentimes a software developer is considered to be a person who writes code to create software applications. However, creating applications has long since ceased to be only about writing code, if it ever was. So we ask a question: who is a developer?

Contrary to common perception, working as a developer entails much more than just writing new code. Being a developer is about using one’s technical knowledge to create software that solves problems and meets user needs. In this process they, in addition to simply writing code, fluidly utilise databases, frameworks, cloud services, libraries and even to some extent low-code tools.

The variance in needed skills has been well reflected in modern software development organisations. In addition to software architects and people writing mainly code, several other kinds of technical people are needed when developing software. Due to the importance of several different professionals working as a team, defining a developer might not be as straightforward.

Diverse tech professionals

So who are the professionals needed in addition to code-writers and architects? Software development projects also need people looking into the user interface design, professionals handling data pipelines and integrations, and experts handling cloud services. And who could argue that quality assurance or cyber security experts wouldn’t also be a vital part of creating software that reliably solves the user needs?

All of these people are equally important in the development of software applications. As a team, these tech professionals with diverse skill sets understand the needs of the user, define the data that is needed, outline how the application should be built, write the code, connect the services, and ensure that the solution is correct. Together they create the perfect software.

Talents for all roles

Successful software development projects need input from various different professionals. Therefore, we at Thriv want to help our clients to find the perfect talent for any missing tech role they may have. We aim to understand the skills and ambitions of our talents and the needs and wishes of our clients, so that we can then apply our secret sauce and find the perfect match for each project.

During the past couple of months as our relationships with our clients have deepened and we have faced increasing demand for a wider variety of roles. While we have been able to serve our key clients in these needs, we encourage experienced tech freelancers outside the basic developer definition to apply to the Thriv network.

If you can bend technology to your will, and you really can, we’ll put in the effort that you’ll get to do as much of it as you wish. We are interested to learn more about your skills and be your path to the most exciting projects of your career. Let’s meet up, shall we?

We are continuously growing our network with diverse talnt, so don't hesitate to send your application already today! We'd love to hear from you.

Topias Uotila

Topias Uotila